Examples of projects


Working conferences

An international management team in industry is working on an outlook for the future, its mutual collaboration and bridging cultural differences.

An autonomous administrative authority experiences the cultural swing from the old organisation to the new one during a large-scale conference with story-telling and theatre.

Organisational development

A scientific knowledge centre and provider of funding is working on clearly delineating its position on the market with its new director and management, restoring trust within the organisation and making the employees more professional.

A young university is developing its academic leadership through clarification of the structure and roles, leadership conferences and individual coaching.

Learning pathways for leaders and professionals

A care institution invests in management development by means of 360-degree feedback, learning groups, intervision, learning pathways, coaching and middle management conferences with an individualised programme.

School heads at secondary school and senior secondary vocational and higher professional levels take a Masters course in Educational Management. The learning manager supervises the leadership development and study progress.


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